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Award Submission

LAHQ recognizes outstanding members through the following awards.  Please feel free to submit someone you know for the annual awards presented in April each year.

Marjorie Krahe Award for Excellence in Publication established in 1997

The Marjorie Krahe Award is presented to encourage participation of members to write articles in professional journals or books, or to document success in their institutions in the newsletter, “La Voie of LAHQ”,  in order to share information with peers.  This also includes quality improvement articles for the LAHQ website.

Anna R. Prescott Distinguished Member Award established in 1997

The Anna R. Prescott Award is presented to encourage and honor a member of the LAHQ who has contributed to the Association and is regarded as an expert in the field of healthcare quality, or related fields such as case management, risk management, information management or infection control.

Fill out below form March 1st each year.

LAHQ Award Submission Form

Past Award Recipients


Marjorie Krahe excellence in publication

Anna Prescot distinguished member award.


Patricia Schilling awarded the Anna Prescot Award


 Lori Hughes awarded the Anna Prescot Award


Kathryn Brooks awarded the Marge Krahe Publication Award


Lori Hughes awarded the Anna Prescot Award


Kathryn Brooks awarded the Anna Prescot Award

About the association

Since 1976, the Louisiana Association for Healthcare Quality has been a guidepost for healthcare quality professionals. We were founded in 1976, later incorporated in 1982, and officially named the Louisiana Association for Healthcare Quality in 1995. LAHQ enjoys a diverse membership that includes professionals from many quality-related disciplines such as utilization, risk, case management, patient safety and infection control.


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